We run a box scheme in Hampshire to Andover, Newbury and Whitchurch. Boxes and bags consist of produce in season (we grow a wide range of vegetables – both field and greenhouse crops).

From July until December vegetables will be mostly home produced but we do buy in organic produce to supplement our own when necessary.

Standard bag        £10.00    ( usually 5 – 7 items)                             

Large bag/ box      £15.00  ( usually 8 -10 items)

Veg / Fruit box     £18.00  ( usually standard veg plus mix of 5 or more items of fruit)

Potatoes and carrots are usually in the bags with onions in 2 out of 3 weeks with a selection of other vegetables. In summer we provide vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers, lettuce etc and in winter more roots and green vegetables such as cabbage and leeks. We try to keep a good variety and not overload you with the same produce each week.

We deliver a number of bags to a collection point and you order and pay the co-ordinator – Please order and pay for the bags a week in advance (so when you collect one weeks bag, you order and pay for the next)

INTERESTED?-Please contact Mandy or Steve on 01256 895346 or email hogveg@hotmail.com